Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Thoughts (November 19, 2011)

I know that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen are nearing the end and that this season was probably their last realistic chance at winning another NBA championship together with the Celtics.  I do miss watching them play.  I miss Rajon Rondo too.

However, I really don't miss the NBA as the lockout continues to push me to the NFL, college football, college basketball, and the NHL.

The sad thing for the NBA is that I am not a casual fan.  I love professional basketball.  I stay up late to watch Clippers and Trailblazers play on a Wednesday night.  I am the fan that they cannot afford to lose.

It looks highly unlikely that the NBA will play this season and if they forfeit an entire year then they will lose more fans like myself.  The question at that point will be whether or not the league will be able to recover.

That will be hard and it will take years for the NBA to elbow its way into the consciousness of sports fans in America...

Urban Meyer to Ohio State? 

He says no but I bet you a turkey sandwich that the Buckeyes name the former Florida head coach and current ESPN broadcaster as their next coach within 36 hours of losing to Michigan...

Who will be the next coach at Penn State? 

There are not many men who will be up to the challenge of fixing the mess in Happy Valley and most of those who would qualify may not want to be associated with the Nittany Lions.  Penn State will need to find an experienced coach with a perfect record off the field to begin the long process of rebuilding the school's image on and off the field.

Tom O'Brien, currently the head coach at NC State and the former Boston College head coach, would fit that mold if he was interested in taking over for Joe Paterno and inheriting the worst scandal in college sports history.  He has been a successful head coach, he is a graduate of the Naval Academy and is a former Marine, and his teams have never been associated with cheating or scandal.

O'Brien should be the first person that is called once the season ends...

My early Final Four favorites are North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, and Pittsburgh.  UNC and Kentucky are loaded with talent.  Kansas doesn't have the depth that the Tarheels and Wildcats have but they will be in the mix come March.  Coach Jamie Dixon and Pittsburgh are ready to finally get over the hump.

Teams like Duke, Syracuse, and UConn will be in the hunt but I'm confident in UNC, Kansas, Kentucky, and Pitt.

And don't say I didn't tell you so when Ed Cooley and Providence make some noise in the Big East this year before blowing up nationally in the 2012-13 season...

Enjoy Oregon tonight...

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