Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lee Corso Summarizes the State of the BCS

I know it wasn't Lee Corso's intention to summarize the current chaotic state of the BCS but damn did he ever set us up for a day of games that have made the SEC West the epicenter of college football.

At the start of the weekend, a rematch of LSU and Alabama in the BCS Championship Game was possible but Oklahoma State was still second in the BCS rankings.  The Cowboys then went out and were upset at Iowa State, kicking off a wild Saturday of games that set up the SEC West to put a lock on the BCS Championship Game.

Oregon and Oklahoma, two teams with a fighting chance of crashing the SEC's championship party in January, found themselves on the wrong side of the scoreboard on Saturday and now there is a strong chance that we will get LSU-Alabama II to decide the national title.

Arkansas, which will be most likely be ranked third in the BCS standings that will come out tonight, can play spoiler to LSU if they beat the Tigers the Friday after Thanksgiving but even then, Alabama would win the SEC West and if the Crimson Tide went on to bear Georgia in the SEC Championship Game, a one-loss LSU team would likely get another shot at 'Bama for the BCS title.

There are still two weeks of college football to be played, including the conference championship game weekend.  For now here are my predictions for the BCS Bowl Games based on how I believe the last two weekends will play out.

BCS Championship Game
LSU (SEC Champions, BCS #1) vs. Alabama (BCS #2)

Sugar Bowl
Houston (BCS At-Large) vs. Michigan (BCS At-Large)

Rose Bowl
Oregon (Pac 12 Champions) vs. Wisconsin (Big 10 Champions)

Fiesta Bowl
Stanford (BCS At-Large) vs. Oklahoma State (Big 12 Champions)

Orange Bowl
Rutgers (Big East Champions) vs. Virginia Tech (ACC Champions)

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