Sunday, October 22, 2017

Red Sox Hire Alex Cora

It turns out that the World Series isn't the only thing the Astros are going to loose this month.

The Red Sox announced today that Alex Cora, who won a World Series with the Red Sox in 2007 and is currently the Astros bench coach, will become the 47th manager in team history.

There will be pressure on Cora, who has no managerial experience, to win immediately.  He is replacing John Farrell, who is coming off consecutive AL East championships and led them to the 2013 World Series title.  Cora will be expected to at least lead the Red Sox past the ALDS, which Farrell could not do the last two years.

A key to Cora's success will be getting the young stars - like Mookie Bette and Xander Bogaerts - to play up to their All-Star potential.  The Red Sox are betting that he can and if they're right, Cora could very well end up returning to the World Series in 2018.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Football Picks

All picks are against the spread and home team is in CAPS.


Boston College (+5) over VIRGINIA
Central Florida (-7) over NAVY
Michigan (+10) over PENN STATE
NOTRE DAME (-3) over Southern Cal
UMASS (-6) over Georgia Southern

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 13-17


Titans (-5) over BROWNS
Jaguars (-3) over COLTS
STEELERS (-5) over Bengals
Ravens (+5.5) over VIKINGS
Jets (+3.5) over DOLPHINS
Buccaneers (+3) over BILLS
BEARS (+3) over Panthers
Saints (-3) over PACKERS
Rams (-3) over CARDINALS (game in London, England)
49ERS (+6) over Cowboys
Seahawks (-4.5) over GIANTS
CHARGERS (Pick) over Broncos
Falcons (+3.5) over PATRIOTS
Redskins (+5.5) over EAGLES

Last Week: 5-9
This Week: 0-1 (4-3 Thursday Record)
Season: 40-49-2

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday Football Pick

Chiefs (-3) over RAIDERS

Thursday Football Picks: 4-2
Last Week: 5-9
Season: 40-48-2

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

NBA Predictions

MVP: Kevin Durant, Warriors
Defensive Player: Anthony Davis, Pelicans
Sixth Man: Marcus Smart, Celtics
Rookie: Ben Simmons, 76ers

Final 4 East: Cavaliers, Celtics, Wizards, Bucks
East Finals: Celtics over Wizards

Final 4 West: Warriors, Rockets, Thunder, Nuggets
West Finals: Warriors over Thunder

NBA Finals: Warriors over Celtics
Finals MVP: Steph Curry, Warriors

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Football Picks


Oklahoma (-9) over Texas (Red River Shootout)
Navy (+3.5) over MEMPHIS
MIAMI (-6.5) over Georgia Tech
MINNESOTA (+4) over Michigan State
Texas A&M (+2.5) over FLORIDA

Last Week: 3-2
Season: 10-15


Browns (+9.5) over TEXANS
Patriots (-9) over JETS
FALCONS (-11) over Dolphins
Lions (+4.5) over SAINTS
Packers (-3) over VIKINGS
Bears (+6.5) over RAVENS
REDSKINS (-10) over 49ers
JAGUARS (-2.5) over Rams
CARDINALS (+1.5) over Buccaneers
Steelers (+4) over CHIEFS
BRONCOS (-11) over Giants
RAIDERS (-1) over Chargers
TITANS (Pick) over Colts

Last Week: 5-8-1
This Week: 1-0 (4-2 Thursday Record)
Season: 36-39-2