Friday, April 15, 2016

NHL Playoff Predictions

I know, I know.  The playoffs already started.  Sorry, but I could not make my picks until the Jacobs family - speaking through Don Sweeney - announced they were sticking by Claude Julien.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Julien is staying with the Bruins.  But to believe the decision was based on anything more than the Jacobs' not wanting to pay him a buy-out is insane.

Once again, the Jacobs' are basing all decisions on money.  Well, their money.  I hope they're happy sitting on stacks of cash in charming Buffalo while the Bruins continue their descent back to mediocrity.

As for the picks.

Eastern Conference


Capitals over Flyers
Penguins over Rangers
Islanders over Panthers
Red Wings over Lightning


Capitals over Penguins
Islanders over Red Wings


Capitals over Islanders

Western Conference


Stars over Wild
Blackhawks over Blues
Ducks over Predators
Kings over Sharks


Blackhawks over Stars
Kings over Ducks


Kings over Blackhawks

Stanley Cup Finals

Kings over Capitals

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