Friday, April 15, 2016

NBA Random Thoughts and Playoff Predictions

The NBA regular season is over and as we await the start of the playoffs, TheBostonInsider decided to look back at the preseason predictions.

Other than ignoring the Steph Curry and the Warriors, giving way too much credit to the Bulls, and not anticipating a move to the starting lineup for Isaiah Thomas, it wasn't all that bad.

Here are my Award Winners now, with the preseason picks in parantheses.

MVP - Steph Curry, Warriors (LeBron James, Cavaliers)
Rookie of the Year - Karl-Anthony Towns, Timberwolves (Jahlil Okafor, 76ers)
6th Man of the Year - Will Barton, Nuggets (Isaiah Thomas, Celtics)
Defensive Player of the Year - Draymond Green, Warriors (Anthony Davis, Pelicans)
Most Improved Player - C.J. McCollum, Blazers (Otto Porter, Wizards)
Coach of the Year - Steve Clifford, Hornets (Brad Stevens, Celtics)

Here are the playoff picks.

Eastern Conference


(1) Cavaliers over (8) Pistons
(5) Celtics over (4) Hawks
(3) Heat over (6) Hornets
(7) Pacers over (2) Raptors


(1) Cavaliers over (5) Celtics
(3) Heat over (7) Pacers


(1) Cavaliers over (3) Heat

Western Conference


(1) Warriors over (8) Rockets
(5) Blazers over (4) Clippers 
(3) Thunder over (6) Mavericks
(2) Spurs over (7) Grizzlies


(1) Warriors over (5) Blazers 
(2) Spurs over (3) Thunder


(2) Spurs over (1) Warriors

NBA Finals

Spurs over Cavaliers

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