Monday, June 20, 2016

Red Sox v. White Sox (June 20, 2016)

Boston Red Sox (39-29) v. Chicago White Sox (33-36)
Fenway Park

SP - Steven Wright (8-4, 2.22) v. Miguel Gonzalez (1-2, 4.74)

Random Thought:

The White Sox have slowly slipped out of contention after a promising start and the Red Sox are in dire need of a top of the rotation starter to pair with David Price so it's time to propose a deal that would land Chris Sale in Boston.

Sale has already established himself as one of the best starters in baseball at the early age of 27.  The 6-6 lefty is 11-2 with a 2.94 ERA.  Yes, that's right, he has 1/3 of his team's wins.  This type of talent will not come cheap, especially when you see that he's under team control at very reasonable dollars through the 2019 season, but the Red Sox have a stocked minor league system to utilize in an effort to land Sale.

Take a moment to envision the Red Sox rotation being led by Price and Sale for the next several years.  Now take a moment to prepare yourself for the package the Red Sox would need to put together to complete the Sale.

Dave Dombrowski will have to start the deal with either Mookie Betts or Jackie Bradley Jr. and then be ready to part with at least one of his top two position prospects, Yoan Moncada and Andrew Benintendi, as well as his top pitching prospect, Anderson Espinoza.  The White Sox can also pick a third basemen prospect from either Rafael Devers or Michael Chavis.  Pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez would probably round out the deal to give Chicago a major league ready starting pitcher.

Betts looks like a perennial All-Star and MVP candidate at 23-years-old and Bradley is a Gold Glove caliber center fielder who is proving every day that he has a bat to pair with his glove.

Moncada and Benintendi are prospects who are barely old enough to order a cold one at The Baseball Tavern but look like surefire superstars.  Espinoza is just 18 but routinely throws 100 miles-per-hour.

Devers and Chavis might be afterthoughts compared to the other pieces in this deal but both are regarded as excellent prospects.

Rodriguez has struggled to start the 2016 season but did go 10-6 with a 3.85 ERA as a 22-year-old rookie a year go.

Would a package of Bradley, Moncada, Espinoza, Chavis, and Rodriguez be enough?

Maybe.  Maybe not.

Let's just hope that Dombrowski will pull the trigger on a deal that would land the Red Sox a proven young pitcher who would come at a hefty price in terms of prospects but would be affordable in dollars.

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