Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Random Thoughts (June 29, 2016)

When prioritizing what to do as the clock turns 35 on my life, I figured the most important thing for me to do today was share some of the misguided and disconnected thoughts bouncing around in my head.


First off, there will be no more daily Red Sox game updates.  There are multiple media outlets available staffed by reporters far more gifted than I for you to find out which tomato can the Red Sox will be starting on any given day.  My goal is to do  more frequent sharing of my thoughts on the state of the Red Sox.


Kevin Durant to Boston?  The ($28.4) million dollar question that every Celtics fan is hoping will be answered with a "Yes" in the next few days.

Durant has many options and if his financial advisers have their way, he will sign a two-year deal with the Thunder that includes an opt-out clause after one season so he can maximize his earning potential over the next several years.  Click on the above link to read about Durant's financial options.

However, if making every last possible dollar is not Durant's goal, coming to Boston makes a lot of sense.  The Celtics may not be as close to a title right now as some of his other listed suitors but by coming to Boston, Durant would immediately make the C's a legitimate championship contender.

Including the Celtics, Durant is expected to meet with six teams.  That list also includes the Thunder, Warriors, Spurs, Clippers, and Heat.

I don't see Durant going to the Warriors.  As fun as it is to imagine Durant playing alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green there are not enough basketballs to go around to get all four players enough shots and the Warriors would have   I also can't picture Durant doing what LeBron did back in 2010 and creating a "Super Team" in an established market.

The Spurs are an interesting suitor and a front court of Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and LaMarcus Aldridge is intriguing but I'm not sure there's enough balance on the roster as the back court of Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are showing signs of old age.

The Clippers offer Durant a premiere point guard in Chris Paul, a rebounding/rim protecting/rim running big man in DeAndre Jordan, as well as the benefits of playing in Los Angeles but to add him, the Clips are likely going to have to deal away Blake Griffin.  Losing an All-Star player that would make the Clippers a championship favorite with Durant on board is not the way to sell him on leaving Oklahoma City for L.A.

Miami is a dark horse but with Pat Riley running the negotiations they cannot be counted out of the Durant Sweepstakes.  Dwyane Wade isn't getting younger, Chris Bosh may have his career ended prematurely due to an issue with blood clots, and they could be losing both Hassan Whiteside and Luol Deng to free agency.  That said, the lure of South Beach and Florida's lack of income taxes - in addition to the legacy of Riley - make the Heat a team to keep an eye on.

Finally, there's the Celtics.  It's no secret that Danny Ainge has been infatuated with Durant going back to his one season at the University of Texas.  The Celtics can offer Durant a young team on the rise that includes an All-Star guard (Isaiah Thomas), a coach considered to be one of the best in the business (Brad Stevens), a young core of players that fit well in the current NBA game, a slew of top draft picks over the next few years that will help replenish the roster on the cheap, and enough salary cap room this summer to add another max contract player (Al Horfod?) that will allow the Celtics to build an instant title contender with.

So, where's he going?  Oklahoma City has to be the favorite but if Durant is going to leave the Thunder it will be for the Celtics.


The rumor linking the Bruins to Steven Stamkos in free agency is laughable but the rumors today about the B's signing restricted free agency defenseman Jacob Trouba of the Jets is one to be taken seriously.

The Bruins desperately need to upgrade on the blue line and the 22-year-old Trouba comes with the reputation as a rising elite level shutdown defenseman.

He won't come cheap.  Due to the nature of restricted free agency. he will cost the Bruins four first round picks as well as a contract that will come in around $9-million per season.

The picks are a hefty price to pay but after making five first round selections over the last two years, the B's have the luxury of gambling that Trouba will be worth the picks.  The contract is also expensive but that's the price of paying a top young defenseman.  With Zdeno Chara not getting any younger and the team being out of the playoffs the last two years, paying the price for Trouba will be necessary for Cam Neely and Don Sweeney.


Enjoy David Price's no-hitter tonight.

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