Friday, December 18, 2015

Football Picks

Missed the last two weeks of random thoughts about the Patriots games but long story short, they need to stay healthy and get Edelman back on the field for January.  If that happens, order the rings and get the Duck Boats ready.

Picks are against the spread and home team in CAPS.

COWBOYS (+3.5) over Jets
VIKINGS (-6.5) over Bears
JAGUARS (-3) over Falcons
Texans (+2) over COLTS
Chiefs (-7) over RAVENS
REDSKINS (+1.5) over Bills
PATRIOTS (-14.5) over Titans
GIANTS (+4) over Panthers
SEAHAWKS (-15) over Browns
RAIDERS (+3) over Packers
CHARGERS (-1.5) over Dolphins
STEELERS (-6.5) over Broncos
49ERS (+6) over Bengals
EAGLES (+3.5) over Cardinals
Lions (+3) over SAINTS

Last Week: 8-7
This Week: 1-0
Season: 105-98-5

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