Friday, September 11, 2015

Football Picks

After a great start last night After the Steelers pulled off a late back door cover last night, TheBostonInsider is still off to a good start in the NFL picks at 0-0-1.  Let's hope it gets better this weekend.

As always, all picks against the spread and home team is in CAPS.


Oregon State (+14.5) over MICHIGAN
OHIO STATE (-41) over Hawaii
Notre Dame (-11.5) over VIRGINIA
TENNESSEE (+3) over Oklahoma
Oregon (+4) over MICHIGAN STATE

Last Season: 44-29-2


Packers (-6.5) over BEARS
TEXANS (-1.5) over Chiefs
Browns (+3.5) over JETS
Colts (-2.5) over BILLS
Dolphins (-3) over REDSKINS
JAGUARS (+3) over Panthers
RAMS (+4) over Seahawks
CARDINALS (-2.5) over Saints
Lions (+3) over CHARGERS
Titans (+3) over BUCCANEERS
RAIDERS (+3) over Bengals
BRONCOS (-4) over Ravens
COWBOYS (-6) over Giants
Eagles (-3) over FALCONS
Vikings (-2.5) over 49ERS

This Week: 0-0-1
Season: 0-0-1

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