Friday, July 31, 2015

Belichick's Focus Already In Mid-season Form

One of the many factors that makes Bill Belichick one of, if not the single greatest coach in NFL history is his ability to ignore distractions and focus on the job of coaching his football team.  In an era of 24-hour coverage, social media, and amateur bloggers (like myself), he coaches with possible distractions that other great coaches like Vince Lombardi and Bill Walsh never faced in their careers.

On the surface, nothing ever seems to bother Belichick.  No controversy ever derails his goal of preparing his football team to improve every day in their yearly quest to win a championship.

The Patriots have survived many controversies over the years including the Brady-Bledsoe debate in 2001, the "Spygate" fiasco of 2007, and the Aaron Hernandez murder case.  Nothing ever gets in the way of the Patriots focus.

On Wednesday, after Robert Kraft made a statement in support of Tom Brady while criticizing the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell, Belichick conducted a press conference in which he refused to answer any questions regarding the "Deflategate" controversy that has embarrassed the team and resulted in quarterback Tom Brady currently facing a four-game suspension for his alleged knowledge of an alleged ball tampering violation.  After deflecting several questions about "Deflategate", Belichick told a reporter that he ought to "go back and look at your notes" to get information about the issue because Kraft had already spoken on the matter.

At today's press conference, Belichick was once again in his classic singular focus mood.

When asked about an interception made by rookie safety Jordan Richards and his development as a player, Belichick stated that, "It's always about moving ahead."

Belichick was repeatedly asked in several different forms about the team's plan for handling the quarterback position with the possibility of Brady having to miss games.  The four-time Super Bowl winning coach continued to say, "I'm focused on what we're doing today."

When asked if Brady would speak to the media, Belichick said that, "I speak for myself, I'm here trying to do my job."

There was a question about Belichick's desire to win every game this season by 50-points as a way of sticking "Deflategate" abck in the face of the NFL and Goodell.  Belichick retorted that, "We're in day two of training camp, that's where we are," and while that may be important to some people, it's not important to him and the team.

One reporter even asked for the coach's reaction to a plane that flew over Gillette Stadium that was rented by Jets fans to taunt the Patriots and their reputation for being cheaters.

Belichick's response?

"I don't know what you're talking about.  What plane?  I'm just trying to coach the football team."

While it has to be a challenge for the professional media, who are charged with getting relevant information about the Patriots, to work with Belichick, it is refreshing to the fans that he continues to focus solely on the development of his team and his day-to-day pursuit of winning another Super Bowl.

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