Friday, July 06, 2012

Brandon Bass Coming Back to the Celtics, Jeff Green Next?

Danny Ainge continued his busy month of July yesterday, coming to terms with forward Brandon Bass on a three-year deal while also coming close to a contract with forward Jeff Green.

Bringing back both Bass and Green, which were expected moves for the Celtics, provides more veteran depth in the front court which is a must after watching Ryan Hollins get significant minutes during the playoffs this past season.

The next big target for the Celtics is Ray Allen.  If Ainge can convince Ray to come back and not go to Miami, Doc Rivers would have his core together for next season and then Ainge could worry about filling out the roster.  Adding another center (whether it's bringing back Greg Stiemsma or landing a veteran like Marcus Camby) maybe another wing (which could lead to the return of Mickael Pietrus), and getting a veteran backup point guard (which could lead to the return of Keyon Dooling) is really all that would be left to do.

As of today, this is what the Celtics roster looks like:

5: Kevin Garnett, Fab Melo
4: Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, JaJuan Johnson
3: Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, Kris Joseph
2: Avery Bradley, Jason Terry, E'Twaun Moore
1: Rajon Rondo, Avery Bradley

That's a good looking team that would land a playoff spot but there are holes at guard and at center.

Now, if the C's do re-sign Ray Allen and also bring back Stiemsma and Dooling, they would look like this:

5: Garnett, Stiemsma, Melo
4: Bass, Sullinger, Johnson
3: Pierce, Green, Joseph
2: Allen, Terry, Moore
1: Rondo, Bradley, Dooling

That is a deep team that, if it stayed healthy (which is a big if when you consider the age of the Celtics veterans), would be right up there with the Heat, Thunder, Lakers, and Spurs in contention for a title.

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