Thursday, April 26, 2012

Five Things I Want to See in Tonight's NFL Draft

1. Andrew Luck, when giving his interviews after becoming the top pick, to say something along these lines:

"Peyton Manning was a great quarterback and all but truthfully, I'm not coming to Indianapolis to worship at the alter of #18.  While I may never eclipse his statistics, I do have the goal of winning more than one Super Bowl with the Colts.  This game is about winning and championships, not individual statistics and accolades.  If anything, I'm shooting to be the next Tom Brady or Eli Manning."

2. The Patriots to send picks 27, 62, and 93 to the Kansas City Chiefs for the 11th pick to select Alabama safety Mark Barron.  Bill Belichick's defense needs a leader in the secondary and Barron has a great combination of physical play and cover skills that should make him a star in the NFL.  The thought of having Barron playing opposite Patrick Chung in the Pats defensive secondary has me ready for training camp.

3. With the 31st pick, I want the Pats to draft a pass rusher like Shea McClellin of Boise State.  The Patriots need a young edge rusher to disrupt opposing quarterbacks.  Taking an offensive lineman and wide receiver to develop for the near future wouldn't be a bad idea either.

4. The Jets to draft Northern Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins, if only to see him compare parenting tips with fellow cornerback Antonio Cromartie.

5. The end to Chris Berman's run as the host for ESPN's coverage of the NFL Draft.  Boomer's best days are long behind him and it's time to pass the reigns over to Trey Wingo.

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