Monday, January 02, 2012

NFC Playoff and Super Bowl Predictions

In case you missed it last night, here are my predictions for the AFC playoffs.

As always, I reserve the right to change my mind but these count as my official playoff and Super Bowl picks.  Also, I will not be a slave to these predictions when it comes time to make my weekly picks against the spread.  If I think that the Pittsburgh will go into Denver and win (which I do) that doesn't mean I can't (or won't) pick the Broncos to cover the spread.

Anyways, here is the NFC playoff seedings:

1. Green Bay (15-1, NFC North champions)
2. San Francisco (13-3, NFC West champions)
3. New Orleans (13-3, NFC South champions)
4. New York (9-7, NFC East champions)
5. Atlanta (10-6, Wild Card)
6. Detroit (10-6, Wild Card)

As for the picks:

Wild Card

(3) Saints over (6) Lions
(5) Falcons over (4) Giants

Divisional Round

(1) Packers over (5) Falcons
(3) Saints over (2) 49ers

NFC Championship Game

(2) Saints over (1) Packers

Super Bowl XLVI

New England Patriots over New Orleans Saints, 45-41

Yeah, I know, what a shock that I picked the home town team.  The Patriots defense gives up a lot of yards but they have a knack for keeping teams out of the end zone and for creating turnovers and I'll put my support behind a Tom Brady offense up until the day that he walks away from the game.

The Saints defense is not very good either and the thought of seeing these two high powered offenses take the stage at Lucas Oil Stadium is exciting.  I'm giving the nod to Brady over Drew Brees and the Patriots quarterback will hoist his fourth Lombardi Trophy to go along with his third Super Bowl MVP.

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