Saturday, January 14, 2012

Divisional Round Football Picks

All picks against the spread and home team in capitals.

SAN FRANCISCO (+4.5) over New Orleans
Picking my NFC champion to lose in the Divisional Round?  Yes I am.  Alex Smith doesn't fit the role of Tom Brady but the 2011 49ers do resemble the 2001 Patriots enough for me to believe they can pull off the upset.  The Saints are great but they won't be in the dome and the San Francisco defense and the grass at Candlestick will be enough to stop Drew Brees.

27-23, 49ers

PATRIOTS (-13) over Denver
Tom Brady can join Joe Montana as the only NFL quarterback with 15 wins in the postseason or he can join Dave Krieg as the only NFL quarterback to lose four consecutive postseason games.  I'm betting Brady goes down in history with Montana.

The Pats will also be ready to play - don't think last year's loss to the Jets in this same game hasn't been mentioned by the Hooded One this week.

40-13, Patriots.

Houston (+7.5) over BALTIMORE
The Texans hung tough in Baltimore in the regular season and their rushing attack will get them enough points to win while their defense will pound on Joe Flacco.

20-16, Texans.

NY Giants (+7.5) over GREEN BAY
The Giants believe they are destined to repeat their late season run of 2007.  Their defense will get it done, Eli Manning will hit Victor Cruz for 3 touchdowns, and the Packers will end their run early this year.

28-24, Giants

Wild Card: 2 - 2
Playoffs: 2 - 2
Regular Season: 119 - 126 - 5

For the record, I finished 2-3 in the BCS Bowl Game predictions to end the college season at 42-32-1.

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