Friday, November 11, 2011

Penn State Tragedy and Football Picks

The only bad news that is ever associated with college football revolves around boosters paying players and offering them other benefits that the NCAA considers "illegal."  I know that I'm not in the minority when I say that the NCAA is hypocritical in making billions of dollars while preventing the athletes from making money on their own but that's not the point today.

What has happened at Penn State is the worst scandal in the history of college athletics.  The actions that have been charged against former coach Jerry Sandusky and the subsequent silence and cover-up by Joe Paterno and other university officials makes the "Pay for Play" situations at schools like Miami and USC seem trivial.

If the allegations are true, Sandusky should never see the light of day again and Paterno and the other Penn State officials who turned a blind eye to Sandusky's alleged child molestation should spend a considerable amount of time in prison.  The children that Sandusky has supposedly violated deserve to have justice served and the 409 wins and two national championships that Paterno accumulated at Penn State mean nothing in the face of the current situation.

Penn State's football team should also receive the death penalty.  Any program that allows what has been alleged to occur to continue does not deserve to continue to play football.

That said, here are this weeks picks.  All picks against the spread (the Bible) and home team in capitals.


BOISE STATE (-15) over Texas Christian
Boise still has a shot at the BCS Championship Game and an impressive win over TCU will help their case.

Oregon (+3.5) over STANFORD
Andrew Luck's Cardinals will still play in a BCS Bowl Game but the Ducks will be the Pac 12 champions.

Miami (+9) over FLORIDA STATE
This rivalry is too fierce for the spread to be this high.

Michigan (Pick) over ILLINOIS
Denard Robinson will have a big day for the Wolverines.

ARKANSAS (-14) over Tennessee
Bobby Petrino has Arkansas in position to play spoiler to LSU and win the SEC West, Tennessee won't ruin that for the Razorbacks.

Last Week: 3 - 2
Season: 30 - 20


Pittsburgh (-3) over CINCINNATI
Andy Dalton has been great in his rookie year but the Steelers defense has a reputation of destroying young quarterbacks.

Denver (+3) over KANSAS CITY
Tim Tebow has a funny way of finding ways to beat mediocre teams.

DALLAS (-5.5) over Buffalo
The AFC East will once again be a fight between the Patriots and Jets.

Jacksonville (-3) over INDIANAPOLIS
Picking against the Colts is just as much fun in Week 10 as it was in Week 1.

Houston (-3) over TAMPA BAY
The Texans running game won't be stopped by Tampa and their new defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

CAROLINA (-3.5) over Tennessee
Panthers are 4-1 versus the spread at home.

Washington (+4) over MIAMI
Dolphins keep hopes of drafting Andrew Luck alive.

ATLANTA (Pick) over New Orleans
The Falcons have rebounded from a slow start and are lurking as a contender in the NFC.  Matt Ryan should have success against a banged up Saints secondary.

Detroit (+3) over CHICAGO
Lions defensive line should make some extra money for Jay Cutler's massage therapist next week.

CLEVELAND (-2.5) over St. Louis
A showdown between Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford was so much cooler when they were in college.

Baltimore (-6.5) over SEATTLE
The Ravens are coming off an emotional and physical win in Pittsburgh and I had some doubt about their ability to bounce back this week because they also have to travel across the country.  Then I saw they were playing the Seahawks.

SAN FRANCISCO (-3.5) over NY Giants
The Giants - who beat the Patriots on the road last week - aren't as lucky as the Ravens because they face the 49ers, not the Seahawks, on the road this week.

Patriots (+1.5) over NY JETS
The Jets have momentum but with a decade of experience watching Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, I don't believe the Patriots will lose three straight games.

GREEN BAY (-13.5) over Minnesota
The Packers move to 9-0 in impressive fashion.

This Week: 0 - 1
Season: 65 - 62 - 4

The Eagles-Cardinals game is not currently on the board due to Kevin Kolb being questionable.

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